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Have your dentures fitted by our skilled prosthetists in Sydney
Our dentures are made by an experienced team to give you a wonderful smile. Boost your confidence and regain the ability to eat in comfort with dentures from the Bite Rite Clinic in Sydney.

Emergency Broken Dentures Sydney

Our highly qualified and experienced team of professionals will ensure Complete Dentures, Partial Dentures, Immediate Denture & Emergency Broken Dentures Sydney and will also ensure that you return with a beautiful smile.

Sydney Emergency Broken Dentures

Suffering from severe pain and need Emergency Broken Dentures Repairs Sydney then call us right now and get relief from the pain as quick as possible. We are highly trained in giving the best Dental Care in any kind of Emergency Denture Repairs.

Why trust in our dentures?

The success of any “denture” lies in the bite or occlusion. Achieving the correct bite, especially in a full dentures, is the key to obtaining excellent results. We believe the bite is so important, we decided to name our denture clinic after it.

At The Bite Rite Clinic in Sydney, our dental staff know how to achieve exceptional results.
Emergency Broken Dentures Sydney

How are dentures made?

Why trust in our dentures?

We involve our patients at all stages of the denture-making process. At your first appointment we’ll discuss all the stages involved – these include taking first and second impressions, bite registration, and the try-in stage. The try-in stage is one of the most important stages of the denture-making process.

At this stage you’ll get to look at your new teeth, and modifications to the mould, shade of the teeth or other aspects can be made. The prosthetists can also correct the occlusion or bite record at this stage. When you and the prosthetists are happy with your dentures, we’ll move on to the finishing stage. At your next visit we’ll issue your dentures, and you shouldn’t experience any problems.

When issuing your dentures, the prosthetists will check the bite and fit and make any minor adjustments necessary. We’ll also ask you to make an appointment a week later so that any further tweaks can be made to ensure an excellent fit.

Our prosthetists take a lot of care at each stage of the denture-fitting process so that you’ll be very happy with the look and feel of your new dentures.
  • Bill Ghaida - Dental Prosthetist
  • Philip J Scott - Dental Prosthetist
Emergency Broken Dentures Sydney
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